Cant find "Calculate Direction"

i was following a tutorial on youtube on how to make a equip and unequip gun, and i cant seem to find the blue version of calculate direction function, i looked up a way around it but it does not work for my purpose, [ue4] Equip & UnEquip Weapon - ThirdPersonShooter #3 (multiplayer support) - YouTube this is the video skipping to 8:08 will get you right to the part im talking about.

You will see that there is a animation index and it has to work with that which is why i can use the green version of calculate direction thanks for help.

nvm i found the problem out, i had a variable named Animation Index and it was a Byte when it was supposed to be a integer, then i had to return the value to the green calculate direction function and return the value of a set direction and speed, the point is it was the Byte that was causing it to bug.