Can't find C++ classes folder in 4.10

I started a new C++ blank project with starter content, using Unreal Engine 4.10 preview 3, and it seems that the C++ classes folder is missing.
I tried adding a new Actor class through the File> new C++ class, went through the whole wizard, compiled it in Visual Studio (2015), and can’t find it.

Is this a bug, or am I doing something horribly wrong?

Successful rebuild from VS or XCode -> Re-open project -> Compile

If it dosn’t work, i don’t have an idea

guess its a bit late but someone might try to follow the quickstart guide and not see it so,
to see the c++ folder in content browser click the button circled on the image…

Not sure if it’s that the design changed but, currently you need to click the button to the bottom right corner