Can't find Angular Rotation Offset in PhAT

Hi guys!

Our characters (robots) have pretty complex legs so I’m implementing angular limits for FABRIK. I want to use PhAT’s constraints setup for that, but I can’t find Angular Rotation Offset parameter (UE 4.9.2).

I need to rotate angular limits like this:



I can do that by simply rotating constraint with rotation tool, but I need to get this rotation in C++.
Found the Angular Rotation Offset parameter in [documentation][3], but there is no such parameter in my editor:


What am I doing wrong? :] Or is there a smarter way to do this?

I would like to chime in and say that I just discovered this same problem yesterday. Seems to be missing that feature.

I have a relatively similar scenario. The default constraint axes are… inconveniently rotated. I believe the offset parameter has been removed in favor of directly rotating the constraint. In fact, translations, rotations and scales are available as they normally are in Persona, the level editor, etc.

I guess this would pretty much remove the necessity for an offset as you can determine the constraint center on all axes.

However in my honest opinion, this is extremely difficult to control as the rotation of one constraint axis affects the overall constraint rotation in a seemingly non-intuitive fashion.

After some experimenting I’m not even sure if these operations were intended… rotating the constraints in this manner cause some weird behavior.

Im having the same issue, it seems that by rotating the axis’ in the PhAT editor it will actually offset the skeletal joint directly rather than it acting as if you are just changing directions to fine tune angular limits. When you think about that in the case of offsetting the constraint linearly that makes sense, but its really quite lacking to not have the ability to rotate the angular limits. Even KAT from Unreal Engine 2 had this feature.

I strongly agree with this being a serious inconvenience - heck, it’s not even an inconvenience, in my opinion it’s even a lack of a much needed feature for correct ragdolling. It just looks strange if your models can bend over the arm backwards 90 degrees, but no more than 45 degrees forward.

Is any rep currently looking into this issue?

Hi everyone,

From what I can see this seems to be working as intended in 4.10 and later. If this is still a problem you are experiencing, please post back here with information as to what specifically you are attempting and expecting to occur. I will leave this post open for a few days in the mean time.

I am marking this as answered for tracking purposes. If anyone is still experiencing this error, please respond with the requested information.

You can Alt + Click and rotate joints to offset, but it is rather inconvenient to not have a number to edit. This is especially true when you have a character and you want the offsets for each arm and each leg to be the same.