Can't figure this out?

I keep getting this error whilst trying to play in Editor and using “play from here”:

It keeps starting the player below the level geometry and not where i asked it to?

This is the portion of the level BP its complaining about:

It compiles and runs with no issues otherwise.

I had a similar thing before, this ended up being a mismatch between the game mode being used in project settings and game mode settings in the the editor, but this isn’t the case with this map and I just can’t figure it out?

I’d really appreciate some help guys.

I would guess that the Level’s BeginPlay is fired before your Character is spawned.
add a delay of .2 before you set the Max Walk Speed.

I’ve put a delay in and it doesn’t really make a difference, any ideas?

Instead of putting this logic on the level BP, put it on the pawn BP.

This is why using the level BP is a bad idea.

I am newb here so I hope that I am not saying nonsense, but is it your blueprint character, becvause if you dont need to reference it and if not, I think you try to assign him a variable that he did not have, I think you have to do castToPlayer and search his var from there again I could be wrong.

Other possibilities is that your playercharacter is not playercharacter0

@fapoclips Can you explain what you mean, esp with a diagram as this is a bit Greek to me!
@jared how would I do this?

It is telling you that Movement Component is not valid, it is empty. Maybe your character is not spawned when that begin play is fired.

Ive stuck a delay in, it makes no difference

Try delay 5s and also try to cast it to your character. I think cast is missing.

I’ll give it a try

Keep in mind that your controlled Pawn has to be Character and not a differnt direct subclass of Pawn.
As Jared mentioned, put your logic into the Pawn/Character instead of Level.