Can't figure out why this is cast is failing

Every time I call the cast in thirdperson character with key 1 it fails.

You try to “cast to” your bullet blueprint from player controller which is a controller blueprint.

If i understand right, you want to change damage value according to size. A quick way would be to set a modifier (integer variable) in your character when size is changed and on “event hit”, apply the modifier.

Thank you for your reply. I don’t think a “event hit” is appropriate. I have 3 blueprints I am working with. A power, the thirdpersoncharacter blue print, and the bullet print. When overlapped the power up blue print checks if the overlap actor has the power-up interface. If it does than the power up blueprint activates an event in the third person character, which I want to cast to the bullet print and change it’s damage value.

I’m not sure exactly how to cast to the bullet from the third person blueprint’s event.

I talked about event hit because this is what you show in your pictures. It seems i misunderstood your blueprint set up.

When you “spawn actor” your bullet, use the return value to set your damage value. Or use event begin play in your bullet to set it, using a “get player character” / “cast to” your character

Thank you! That completed it for me =D
I had the bullet actor “on begin player” cast to the player blue print and get a number to decide it’s damage. The number is altered by the “power up” blueprint casting to the player print.