Can't figure out what's is wrong whit my lights maps

PLS im done whit this…after 2days of slaming my head on keyboard i figured out whats was wrong whit my lights maps… but now idont know how to handle this…

i worked in modo to created my assets i created all uv mapped correct as possibile but has you can see in the attachments unreal wont load the correct uvmap for lights.

unreal load a third UVmap wich dont exist in modo…and i dont were that mess come out… pls help

Just set which UV set must be used in UE4 for lightmaps

When you import a mesh to UE4 by default it has an import setting that will generate an additional UV channel for lightmaps and set that as the default for the lightmaps. If you already have your UV’s the way you want them, then uncheck the Generate Lightmap UV’s option when you import. If that’s unchecked then it will assume that the first UV channel is for your material and the second UV channel is for your lightmap.
If you reimport something that you’ve adjusted, you will need to open the Static Mesh and change the lightmap UV channel to be the correct one.