Can't figure out how to set homing target to a mesh contained in a blueprint

I watched a recent tutorial on this forum on how to set projectile to become a homing projectile. Well, in the video he just targets a static mesh actor through a line trace using a cast-to-static-mesh-actor. I tried playing around with the idea. I wanted homing to be set to a mesh component inside of a blueprint. The blueprint just really has only one component, the static mesh and is placed inside of my level. I can’t figure out how to extract the reference to the static mesh so I can use it with the set-homing-target. The set-homing-target takes Scene Component Weak Object, I have no idea what that means. I do know it seems to only accept static mesh component reference. So how the hell do I get static mesh component reference from an Actor Blueprint. I tried using cast-to-static-mesh-actor, but the cast fails, I tried to get-static-mesh-component attached to my blueprint actor reference, but the connection breaks. Eventually I want to figure out how to set homing target to an ai bot, but for now I just want to figure out how to target a blueprint actor.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Quick answer.

Use a check to work out which BP you want to blow up.

(Node evades me), but there is a node that rotates the BP towards another BP

Use that on event tick, and the Missile will get the angel every tick and rotate towards it.


Node - “Find look at Rotation”


Thank you. I will give it a shot even though I am not sure I understand yet!

The functionality is already implemented and it’s called “Homing”
it’s part of ProjectileMovement component, you dont have to re-invent the wheel :smiley:

btw Im wandering too what is that Scene Component Weak Object :confused:

in this video this guy only seems to be using a mesh:

I also had issues with homing projectiles. The video is using 4.7, and the Homing Target variable looks to be of type static mesh. It is now Scene Component Weak Object. I have tried plugging in a static mesh, it won’t take it (obviously). I have tried using a scene component, which plugs in fine but does not actually work in testing. My solution was to set the actor transform every tick moving towards the target. Depending on the speed of the projectile, you may actually still miss the target. Also it should be noted that it will instantly begin moving towards the target. Might be useful to include a sort of delay on the transform to give it time to move away from the person firing it.

It seems a “staticmesh actor” is an example of Scene Component Weak Object or at least it’s accepted by the Set Homing Target module.