Can't figure out how to put a door or window into a wall static model

Hi this is probably really simple but I can’t figure out how to put a door or window opening into a wall static model. Using a box and changing it subtractive isn’t working on walls for some reason. And I also can’t edit the vertices on the wall model either. I know there are pre-built wall static models with doors and windows but I needed a custom one. Is there a way to do this?

You can just use the substractive when you use bps brushes for your room. When you want to do that with a static mesh, you just have to export it into a 3d program. There you can make the changes and then just reimport the mesh.

So either you create your room with bsp brushes:
or you do it in a 3d program like blender, 3ds max, maya

The Geometry models are BSP brushes, so they can add and subtract from eachother. If you are using a wall that is a static mesh object, then you cannot use the BSPs to subtract from them. The same rule applies for Geometry Editing Mode, it is specifically for BSP geometry.

Oh I see. Thanks both! I’ll replace the walls with boxes and use bsp brushes. Seems like the easiest solution.

Edit: Is there a fast way to replace a wall static mesh with a generic geometric box of the same dimensions?

If you are using Snap To Grid, you can select a BSP and press Ctrl+End to snap it to the grid, thus making sure it will align correctly. You may want to take a look at the video tutorials for making a building here:

It is very informative if you are trying to rapidly prototype levels with brushes. I hope that this helps!


I know this is an older thread, but it is on target with my confusion/frustration. I am trying to build a house in my project. The more I read, the more confusing it becomes. What I am hearing is that BSP is for mocking up or building the basic box and then importing into a 3D program to complete and convert to a static mesh. Most say that while more difficult to learn, in the long run it is better to learn to build with static meshes because it is more efficient in terms of resources. But then when folks ask about putting in doors and windows, and when I look at Unreal’s tutorial (like the link provided by Alexander above), it seems the advice is to build with BSP. Is there a simple way to build a house with walls that have door and window openings, where you drag and drop a stone or wood wall material/texture and it isn’t stretched or tiled, and it doesn’t flicker even after lighting is rebuilt?

I was hoping to use UE4 to create a world to tell a story. I’m comfortable in building and learning to build. I’ve logged hundreds of hours in Landmark which is voxel-based and seems similar to building with BSP. I’ve also got a lot of hours in Microsoft’s Project Spark. I’m not really interested in learning another big, complex program like Maya or Blender, as it is just too hard to justify the hours spent learning all this just to build a wall with a window and apply a material that renders correctly. I have my world created and my dynamic landscape texture created and some foliage applied to a small area of the project, and this took me roughly 60 hours of watching tutorials and reading! In Landmark or Project Spark this same amount of building takes about 2-3 hours to learn from scratch. It seems I am caught in the middle. Landmark and Project Spark leave me wanting something more in terms of scale or world/building and detail/resolution and also the variety of materials and meshes/props to choose from, but UE4 and the requirement for to learn a 3D program to do really simple stuff seems like too big a leap for my needs. I suppose getting a modular building pack is the only real solution. It looks like UE4 will get a Voxel Farm plugin soon, but I’m unclear how static meshes of UE4 will interface with voxels or what the cost will be.

Am I missing something here? Is there a simple way to create buildings in UE4 without needing to learn a 3D program?


@ Galadhlinn…

Its good to hear that you are taking the direct approach in Learning. Its the Best. Now the best way is to design your level using brushes the same way you would use Voxels in Landmark > Add the Materials > and then select the BSPs you want to convert to Static Mesh & Bingo, you will have a House as a Static Mesh, with all the Materials Being Applied to it. You can then edit it to Generate Lightmap UVs Save it & hit Reimport.

And you are done.

If i am not too wrong :smiley:


So I created four walls for first floor using BSP. I used subtract cubes to cut out the windows and doors , but when I ctrl/select the four walls and choose create static mesh," the window and door openings become filled in with the wall material.


A bit late to reply, but just in case someone finds this thread while googling. I suspect that you missed selecting the subtraction boxes before creating the static mesh.

MVP. Thank you, and to some of the others above. This is why it is silly for websites like Reddit to lock threads after a year (or less I dunno). People like me can come back years later and reap the benefits.

I’m glad it helped, @snus_stain. In case you aren’t aware, Epic has added Static Mesh Editing tools directly in the Editor since that post was made.