Cant figure out how to insert an existing animation into a montage

Having spent some time searching Google and this forum, I have come up with nothing to help me, nor can i figure out how to drag animations into the montage sections. All documentation seems to point to older versions and the interface has changed. I think this should be really simple to do but am frustratingly stumped on this one.

I was able to figure out eventually how to create my own animations etc but cant add them to a montage. Any help is appreciated!

version is 4.25

One way is to directly create the montage from the animation (right click option on the animation).

within the montage you have a panel that contains all of the relevant animations (tied to the same skeleton).
you can Usually drag and drop from there to the timeline.

The panel for looping and setting the parts was also moved to the side and is (usually) avaliable when you select a section from the timeline.

I wish they’d update the docs, but the new UI is a little more intuitive and currently missing not only the docs but also some tool tips…

thanks for the reply, but i am still stumped on this.

there is no option to create a montage when right clicking on an animation as per the screen shot here???:

I have also tried creating a new Animation montage from the main screen, but then i cannot drag and drop any animation from the asset browser to well basically anywhere useful???

The right click is from the main content browser.

For adding in the animation drag it to the additive layer tracks area. It should work. If not try different areas like the main screen or the top of the timeline bar.
Maybe even a double click would do it.

Fuzzy on the exact dynamics but I do know it works as I made a montage last week.

jesus christ right click from the main content browser worked. thanks! would never have tried that.

just an additional FYI note to this. if you delete ALL your animations from the montage, then you can no longer drag any animations from the Asset Browser into the montage. This is where I was getting stuck, and if you ask me, should be modified so that if you create a new empty montage from the main menu (which i originally did, fair enough i think), then you should be able to drag in new animations into it, which you can’t do at the moment. would save alot of time, and questions here i would think.

if it really prevents you from adding in stuff you should make a short video on it and submit a bug report.