Can't export LOD : Paragon Shinbi


I want to use Paragon Shinbi in my VR Game but its LOD 0 is very dense. To remove high res LOD, I exported (Asset Actions / Export) to Fbx, but when I imported to 3ds Max, no LODs are present in the fbx. I checked hidden geometry and hidden faces, only LOD 0 is in the file. I tried Static Mesh / Level of Detail both ON and OFF, no difference. I deleted Apex Clothing as well.

I also tried to delete Base LOD from the Asset Editor / Mesh but LOD0 can’t be deleted.

How can I remove LOD 0 or export a skeletal mesh with LODs?

Summary info shows Single Mesh with 85473 faces

My version is 4.19.1


Same problem here: can’t see the mesh into 3dsmax whe i export some of Paragon Characters.