Can't export from Quixel Bridge to UE 4.24

I made a new UE 4.24 project, but when I’m in Quixel Bridge, I can’t see the Engine Version 4.24 in the export settings. It only goes up to 4.23. Any suggestions on how to fix that?

You give Quixel a tiny bit of time to compile their 4.24 plugin + push it to bridge.
As with all plugins, give them a couple days to react, update, and push their plugins after UE pushes a new big version update.

Quixel bridge relies on a plugin to handle the import in unreal, so bridge won’t be able to export until it’s been updated and has a 4.24 plugin for you to use.
If you absolutely have to have the files right now, you can either copy them over manually(if you only need the textures/meshes specifically.), or just export them from bridge to a 4.23 project, and then migrate those files to the 4.24 project.

It’ll work again once they’ve had time to push an update.

Thank you @ax448 . I was trying to everything to get it to work but i had a hunch quixel might need to push an update out.
I’ll work around as you mentioned (migrating is nice idea too).