Can't export as HTML5

So… I think I have all I need to package for HTML5 but when looking at the package menu and the platforms for which I can package, there is no HTML5 option.
Am I missing something? The UE4 Documentation says “all of the needed **Emscripten **and **Python **files for HTML5 development will be included” and I have both 64 bit version of Chrome and Firefox.
Please help!

Not sure what ue4 version you are using, but if you are using .24, HTML5 and ES2 are no longer supported. (depreciated)

Yes, that was exactly th problem. I figured it out in the end but thank you anyway. Much appreciated!

Exactly the HTML5 support was the reason for me to use UE.

Now I’m really pissed. I spent weeks of planning my 3d Website.

Just move to a slightly older ue4 version, problem solved.