Can't enter if non team player


I want to know, how to make, that example, there is shield / gate whatever, what protects team base. Team players gan get trough it, but non team players can’t go trough (overlap blocked).

Any ideas?


From the top of my head: set different collision presets for different teams. You can create your custom ones in project settings.

But then I need to change, example, my Third Person Character from Pawn to Red Team Pawn, or Blue Team Pawn right? I have quite large collision logic already around my Pawn, so it would mean, I need to make a lot of changes…

Okay, option 2: set a custom collision preset for your force field and set the players’ response to that collision channel to Block/Ignore depending on the team.

Was trying that. And couldn’t manage actually to set it.
So basically what I tried was made two channels - RedTeamForceField and BlueTeamForceField.
So depending from team I set to Block/Ignore collision. First issue was, it still block character, no matter in what team it was, as I figure out, Force Field block pawn anyway, so I set it to ignore Pawn. Now it ignores collision for both.

Set Force Field collision to Block Pawn at all times. You should only set the player’s collision to ignore RedTeamForceField or BlueTeamForceField. But you have to make sure that all the components of your player ignore it — Collision Capsules, Meshes and everything.

I see. Need to check that again. Maybe in some part of the body I miss something. Will recheck that again in the evening, and then will let you know!

Ok. It works. Now I just need to figure out how to change collision. Like if I set manually Capsule Component to overlap RedTeam collision it works, but if I set it through BP it’s glitching.

Ok. Never mind, found that there was a problem with my charachter. It works! Thank you!