Cant enter a building

Hi, Im new to UE and Im having a problem with an imported .fbx. The asset is a simple log cabin but when I click on the play button to test it out, I cant enter it. There are a couple of steps in front of the building, but no door in the door frame. How do I alter it within UE to allow me to be able to go inside it? I had to rescale it after importing it, though I dont think that has anything to do with it but as I said Im new to this so have no idea.
Thanks for the help

The building you downloaded probably doesn’t have appropriate collision, show collision in the asset viewer to see if it’s just a box or something else. You could try to regenerate a complex collision.

The default pawn is also taller than it looks, you might have to reduce the height of the player’s capsule collision.

Thanks. Ive looked at the building. It appears that its collision is set to blockall. What do I need to change it to to allow me to enter it? Not sure how to tell if its only a box, but it has an interior.

Blockall is correct, but you need to create a collision that has an appropriate shape.

You should really search for some basic guides and documentation on collision.

Here’s one for starters.

And this.