Can't Enable Input on ThirdPersonCharacter Controller

The issue is with your logic. Left Mouse Button event will fire only when input is already enabled. If you disable it then all buttons will be ignored, left mouse button included.

What kind of functionality you want to achieve?

I am trying to use Enable Input on a Left Mouse Button released event and it does not work. I am working within the ThirdPersonCharacter Controller blueprint.

It disables the input when the left mouse is clicked and never re-enables it. Does anyone have any advice on what to do? Maybe I shouldn’t be working in the ThirdPersonCharacter blueprint in the first place when using enable input. I tried using other events to re-enable input and that does nothing.

I am now beginning to think this has something to do with it being in the player controller. Maybe it belongs somewhere else.

Thanks for the response. I’m building a drag select feature like in an RTS game and need to prevent the user from dragging the screen around when dragging a selection rectangle. When the player tries to drag a selection box, it also moves the screen and I am trying to prevent this.