Can't edit project settings

I’m trying to edit the project settings in my project, however, it gives me this error “These settings are always saved in the default configuration file, which is not currently checked out.” I also attached a picture of it. What does this exactly mean, and how do I get it to let me edit my project setting? I’m currently using 4.4.3

It means that your project’s DefaultGame.ini file is set to read-only and can’t be written to. This usually happens if you use source control software, such as Perforce. In those cases you have to check out the file from source control, so it becomes writable.

If you do not use source control, then I don’t know why that file would be read-only. In that case you can simply right-click the file in Windows Explorer and remove the read-only flag yourself.

For me (UE4 4.7.1 on Mac) I had tried enabling the git source control, but had forgotten to turn it back off when it immediately complained that there wasn’t an existing git repository. The project settings claimed the .ini files were unreadable until I figured out to go back to the source control setting and change it back to none.