Can't edit BP_ThirdPersonCharacter without playing in UE5?

It’s in ThirdPerson Template.

Without operating ‘Play’, the assets colored in yellow don’t show in Outliner in UE5.

Should I do something? I want to edit it without it. What should I do?

Search for the Blueprint in your Content Browser. And / or better read the following replies.


If you want to edit the BP_ThirdPersonCharacter you have to look for it in the content browser. The other classes are just the standard classes like GameSession, GameStateBase, PlayerState or PlayerController which are not yet a blueprint when creating a new ThirdPerson project (which you can see do not have the blue colored Edit… ). You can create blueprints of these types in the content browser and - to use them - set them in your current used GameMode. Either open up the GameMode blueprint and select the other classes or go to your level and select your GameMode and the other blueprints in the details panel (GameModeOverride).


Yeah, so the actual reason why the BP_ThirdPersonCharacter only shows in the world outliner at runtime is that the player Pawn is only spawned when the game starts by the. It is spawned by the Game Mode. You can create your own Game Mode blueprints and either set them as the project wide default Game Mode in your Project Settings → Maps & Modes → Default GameMode or override the game mode for a specific level in World Settings → GameMode Override.

If you desperately wanted to edit your BP_ThirdPersonCharacter on an instance of the class rather than the actual class, your could just drag the BP_ThirdPersonCharacter to the level and set Auto Possess Player to be Player 0. I wouldn’t recommend that tho because it kinda fights against the Unreal Engines spawning system, and also this wouldn’t really work in a multiplayer scenario.


In UE5, you typically have to press ctrl-Space to show the content drawer.
There, you can find the folder of blueprints, where you can find your character blueprint and open it up for editing.
You can also dock the content drawer to the window, so it doesn’t hide again, but the ctrl-space is pretty convenient way of keeping the screen un-cluttered in my opinion.