Cant edit boolean variable in struct

when i save the game and close the it ,then re-lode it everything save expect the boolean variable maybe it a editor bug !!!

First, are you loading? because it seems thats the problem, you are creating a new instance of your save game object, wich by default the boolean “first time” will always be true

Yes I’m loading in the level blueprint … and if you can see i have change the player name in struct and its save expet the boolean variable

The problem is that “Set savegame” you have to Set the loaded game not a newly created one, your branch will never work because you are working with a new copy of your default save game

Hmmm. you look like dont understand my problem because the branch is working and everything working in seting the strauct expet the boolean variable don’t wont to change …

Thats what i’m trying to explain, the boolean wont change because you are creating a new instance of your save game then you branch it
A new instance will always be created with the default values of your variables, this is, the default boolean value of First Time
Your solution is load the game then branch that game loaded, not a new instance

Oh thx man It working now i have change from save game from slot to load game from slot. I will do more testing on it tomorrow to check if it working 100%:heart::heart: