Can't edit anim preview variables

For what ever reason I can’t seem to edit the variables in the Anim Preview Editor window. I can edit the defaults fine but editing preview results in any variable that is in use being unchangeable. However, any variable that is NOT in use I can edit freely.

Has anyone had this issue before?

Here is a video of the issue in action.


(I am using 4.9.1 for future reference)

It appears that your playing due to ‘play’ being highlighted.

As of… 4.7 or 4.8 you can no longer edit variables while a game is being played.

Hope this helps
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Ohh sorry it actually it isn’t being played, for what ever reason it is highlighted. I can re-record if necessary!

Odd Open Broadcast seems to always display the play button as being selected while recording. When in fact I haven’t selected it :confused:

For all it helps, I cant edit any values either in animBPs i noticed about 4 days ago. I dunno when this started.

Only noticed it since I updated to 4.9.1 :confused:

Hi ,

Is this occurring in a project you started in an earlier version of the engine and have cloned and updated to 4.9? Besides not previewing, do the variables seem to function in game? If you open the Third Person Blueprint template in 4.9 and test the Jump and Speed variables in the AnimBlueprint, do they work?

Please respond with this information and we will continue from there.

Yep, so the project itself started off as 4.8 then cycled through 4.8 hot fixes then upgraded to 4.9, along with the new 4.9.1 hotfix.

The variables function absolutely fine in game and I can edit the default variables just not the preview ones :confused:

The blueprint template works fine oddly enough. The only thing i remember doing before upgrading to 4.9.1 that could cause this issue was creating a child animation blueprint based off of the blueprint seen in the video I linked.

Hi ,

Would you mind sending the project with the asset shown in the attached video? You can send as an attached zip to this post if small enough. Otherwise, you can send via dropbox or as an attachment in a Private Message. This is the fastest way for us to isolate the bug and enter a report if needed


Hi ,

We haven’t heard back from you in a while so we are marking this closed for tracking purposes. If you continue to experience problems editting variables in the Anim Preview Editor window, please provide the requested files for us to test on our end.


I had the same problem and it turns out there was some errors being thrown.
In the Output Log I had this message :
LogScript:Warning: Accessed None trying to read property Character

In my animation blueprint, in the Initialize event, I retrieve the owning pawn and cas it to my character.
I then save that cast to a variable.

In the update animation blueprint, I use this variable to get the actual values I need for my animation.
It turns out, the editor doesn’t call the “Initialize Blueprint Animation” and thus my variable was ever assigned.

My update animation event did not have a check to see if the variable was valid.

To solve my issue, I added an initial test to see if my “Character” variable is valid. If it’s not valid then I stop.

That solved my issue.

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