Can't edit a string for "Has Launch Option"

I’m trying to check if a launch parameter is set when opening my game. I use my own game launcher and I do not want the player to open the game without launching the launcher.
Here is the structure of my blueprint:

But I can’t edit “Option to check” in “Has Launch Option”.
I would like to edit the string.

Can you help me please ?

yes, simply disconnect the sting from getCommandLine to hasLaunchOption. The hasLaunchOption Node does this automatically and you can just input your string into the node it should check for. Other way I can recommend you, you can pass options to the gamemode separated with “?” (and of course you can also specify or overwrite the gamemmode on commandline) - this gives you additional possibilites to pass options to your game

Oh, thanks it works :slight_smile:

How to make sure that if the launch parameter is incorrect, the level does not open?
Do you have a example please? :slight_smile:

Here is the structure of my blueprint and I do not know if it’s okay:

Thanks you. It works very well :slight_smile:
Here is the solution for other people:

The output of hasLaunchOption does not belong into the Absolute bool of openLevel. What you need is a branch. Put the returnValue into the branch, in TRUE load your level, in FALSE do what you’d like to do if wrong launch option was given.

looks good. feel free to tick this answer as correct so the question is marked as solved