Can't Duplicate or Copy and Paste in Blueprints since 4.9?

Hey Friends this isn’t a big deal but ever since I switched to using 4.9 I can’t copy and past or cut and past or Duplicate anything in blueprints for some reason, I can select something and choose copy or cut and it seems to take but then when I use the paste hot key nothing happens and if I try using the mouse there is no Paste option. I didn’t change any settings when I moved my projects to 4.9 so I’m not sure why it it’s working, my projects in anything below 4.9 still copy and paste just fine.

Like I said it’s not a huge deal but it was more convenient to use when I needed to grab a huge set of nodes or use the same one multiple times without having to look each one up. If anyone knows of a setting I may have changed by mistake or of some other fix I’d appreciate any help.