Can't duplicate a BlueprintBase-Decorator with original property values

When duplicating a task node with a decorator on Behavior Tree, all property values of the decorator are initialized, not copying the original values.

On the other hand, property values of the TASK are correctly duplicated.

I don’t know why I can’t copy the values of the DECORATOR.

Is this a bug? or am I missing something?


I’ve tried to reproduce this issue on my end in 4.15, but I haven’t run into the same behavior. For me, copying the task with the decorator maintained the values that I had set on it.

Could you do some additional testing and provide me with a list of steps I can follow to reproduce the issue in a clean project on my end?

Hello, thank you for the reply!

I found the same issue in a past

This is exactly what I’ve run into. Now I’m using UE4.15.1, so I think this problem has not been solved yet :frowning:

Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to reproduce the issue on my end. If you can provide me with a detailed list of repro steps, I can continue to investigate.

Otherwise, if you can create a simplified test project that clearly showcases the issue, feel free to provide that as well.

Repro steps are exactly what are written in the thread I linked before, but now I found this issue doesn’t always occur… maybe depending on projects?

Anyway I can deal with this problem for now by creating a decorator which is inherited from CPP decorator, not BlueprintBase decorator.

Sorry I can’t give you a meaningful information. Thank you for your time!