Can't drag the RVT Material into the slot for the Virtual Texture Volume?

Hi folks,

I’m following along with a Youtube tutorial for setting up the ‘Easy Decal Roads RVT - Basic Setup’.

I’ve followed all the steps up to 03:51:
[Easy Decal Roads RVT - Basic Setup - YouTube]

…but when I try to select my RVT material from the drop down, the material is there but it doesn’t do anything when I select it. I also tried dragging it into the slot and it lights up green, but when I release the material to drop it in, it gets ignored.

I also noticed if you see in the video that in the Details Panel under:
‘Transform from Bounds’ > Set Bounds (their option is enabled)
‘Virtual Texture Build’ > Build (their option is enabled)
(On mine, these are both greyed out - Not sure if this is relevant?).

I’m completely stuck from this point, so if someone can help me out it would be much appreciated.
For the record, ‘virtual texture support’ in the Project settings has been enabled and the engine restarted and I’m using 4.27.


SOLUTION: Don’t have the RVT inside a folder that uses brackets. E.g. (Test)! Lesson learned!