Can't drag and drop into content browser?

Essentially the title. Suddenly, if I try to drag and drop a wav file (or any file, really, so far as I can tell) into the content browser, I just get a Prohibit ( ⃠ ) symbol. If I try to drop it in, I don’t get anything - nothing in the content browser, no error, no attempt registered in the output log…Nothin.

Anyone know how to get this working again?

something similar happened to me recently, I couldn’t open a folder in content browser, but it started to work on it’s own.
what you could try hit the build button, compile and restart editor.

I also got this issue right now

I also had this issue but realized I had UE opened with administrator privileges and once I disabled that and opened it up normally it works and I am able to drag and drop items into the content browser with no issue.

That fixed it for me as well! Thanks!

Since this is the top Google result for this issue; another possible cause of this is using the new WWise event based audio implementation.

Due to a bug in their code it blocks ALL drag and drop into Content Browser windows, not just audio files. A workaround is to drag onto a folder in the Tree View instead.

Contact Audiokinetic to get this fixed or ask a friendly coder to examine AkAssetManagementManager.cpp …

I found a solution that worked for me
1.Right click project
2.Go to properties
5.Go over all the users and make sure all the “ALLOW” is checked

None of these solutions worked for me. Still can’t drag and drop into content browser in v4.20.3