Can't download unreal engine

Hello everyone.
I’m trying to download unreal engine from the epic launcher, but I always get an error (file corruption).
Is there any workaround for this?
Also, if I click on “grab the source from Github” I be redirected to the github homepage instead of the unreal tournament entry.

Hey BerserkIvix,

Go into your Program Files and look for the ‘Epic Games’ folder which contains the ‘Launcher’ folder. Open up this folder and delete any temporary or backup versions of the engine you do not need. You might need to go into the ‘Backup’ folder as well as the ‘VaultCache’ folder to locate the corrupted version. What version of the engine are you attempting to install?

Thank you,

Andrew Hurley

I’m trying to download 4.7.5.
But I can’t neither download it for the first time, I don’t think I have anything to remove.

I made it to download 4.7.6, but it won’t start

nevermind, I solved this.
I made it to install 4.7.6 and run it as well

I have windows 8.1 32 bit, a Intel 2.6ghz CPU and no graphic card. When downloading unreal engine, a launcher downloads. When I click the launcher, it says it doesn’t support the processor type. I thought epic was known for backward compatibility and low specs PC. What do I do?

Hi VS Vedanth Salian,

Can you post a copy of your dxdiag?

Hi VS Vedanth Salian,

A 64 bit OS and a Dx11 supported graphics card is needed to run the launcher at this time. We are looking at the possibility of releasing a 32 bit compatible version but I can’t say as to when/if that will come out.

-Max B.