Cant download UE4 cuz cant login in EpicLauncher ;C

Im live in Russia, and seems RKN(like global provider) somehow blocked part of your IP for signing in. Can I somehow download UE4 not from launcher? Or any idea how I can pass in?

Are you using a proxy? You cant run the launcher with a proxy or VPN. (As far as i know)

You might want to read into this question:

I don use proxy at all.


May be that make it more clear?

same issue for that URL in browser

Raw google translate:
"The IP-address of this resource is blocked in accordance with applicable law.
We are obliged to limit your access on the basis of federal laws No. 187-FZ “On Amending Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation on the Protection of Intellectual Rights in Information and Telecommunications Networks” of 02.07.2013 and No. 149-FZ "On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection "dated July 27, 2006, as amended by Federal Law No. 139-FZ of 28.07.2012.

Most likely the ip address of the Internet resource you are requesting violates federal law No. 466-FZ “On protecting children from information that is harmful to their health and development” or someone’s exclusive rights.

If you believe that the inclusion of the IP address of the Internet resource you need in the “Unified registry …” or “Registry of domain names …” occurred by mistake, or it violates your legal rights, please contact the authorized body directly. coordinates on the website of the registry.

A special “Hot line for supporting the implementation of Federal Law No. 139-FZ of July 28, 2012” was also created at"


Or that dont make problem for login at all?

Looks like your internet service provider or country actually blocked the websites IP, and as far as i can see you have to contact them. I recommend you to contact the mail adress given, because i don’t see a reason for this to be blocked, probably its a mistake.

Still cant login in launcher… but atleast instal UE4 from github