Can't Download "The City Cars Sample" from the Marketplace

Hi. I’m trying to download the City Cars Sample on my computer, but it says ‘unavailable.’ I have the newest possible update on my 2020 iMac (not M1, it is Intel), and UE5 downloaded. It says it is compatible…what am I doing wrong?

Hi When in the Epic Launcher I get the message to download, but this does not happen. The next time I look it says “Update”.

The drop-down says Create a new project, or delete the local content.

When I attempt to load this from the unreal engine web link given in the documentation, I am prompted to enter my user credentials again, which keeps repeating requests.

Then finally when I go in via Google link to the unreal engine web link for The City Cars sample I get “unavailable”.

I uninstalled the Epic Launcher which said it needed an update but would not update automatically.

When I installed a new Copy of the Epic Launcher (the latest 20th of September) and logged in Sample could now be installed from the launcher.

This has happened before and its something to do with the vault cache and that Version 5.0.3 project cache is incompatible with the original, also the unreal marketplace web links are not updated on minor versions.
I don’t think it matters what Mac version you have just that the project cache on the Launcher is easily corrupted

So what should I do next? The launcher is at its newest version.

hi I don’t know if you uninstalled the launcher and deleted the epic directory entry the Epic Games\Launcher\Portal\Binaries
and ProgramData\Epic\EpicGamesLauncher*.*
and ProgramData\Epic\EpicGamesLauncher\VaultCache

Then reinstall that fixed it for me

Alright. I’ll try it later today.