Cant download my purchased (Top-Down City) item from Marketplace

I Cant download my purchased (Top-Down City) item from Marketplace. Any suggestions?

…well. Now I see that it actually is comin soon (how long is that?). Sorry for the inconvenience TJ.

I see now that it is a “coming soon” item. Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you.

Hi pkringen,

We are currently looking into your issue. The Coming Soon items should not be available for purchase. Could you check to see if you were officially charged for the item?

The items in that section should say Coming Soon instead of a price and not allow a purchase to be made when clicked. This is a mistake on our end that we are working to fix. I will make our Launcher Team aware that you were charged for the content.

Hi pkringen,

The Launcher issue has now been corrected, Coming Soon items are no longer allowed to be purchased until they are officially released. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

As for the pack that you were charged for, the Coming Soon content that you purchased will be available for download tomorrow. Are you okay waiting until then to download it?

Thats fine. Thank you for your swift response.