Can't download from marketplace, stuck on syncing


I just bought and am trying to download the AutoLandscapeMatAlpine from marketplace and it is stuck on “syncing”.
Could you help me ?

Hi there!

I went back and tested this pack for ya, and it looks like you are now able to download all versions AutoLandscapeMatAlpine offers. Please let me know if you are still having troubles with downloading the pack. We will take a deeper look into the issue.



Hi, it is downloading ok now but the filepaths are a bit messed up (e.g. looking for an extra folder called “Automatic_Landscapes” after the Content folder).

When trying to load a map there are errors such as:

Can’t find file for asset. /Game/Automatic_Landscapes/Demo_Map_elements/Game_mode_For_demo_Map/FlyingBP/Blueprints/FlyingGameMode


As a note, if you want to have a play with this landscape before a fix comes out you can copy all your “content” folder into a new subfolder of “content” called “Automatic_Landscapes”…

Thank you for help ! I can download now.