Can't download engine through Epic Launcher

I’m having the exact same problem you are, and I’m with UPC Ireland too. Tell me, when you login to the launcher at first, does it always refuse your first login and always accept your second?

Hey, yes exactly. It instantly logs in with the second attempt. Probably a UPC problem

I’d like to say I’m having the exact same problem as the original poster and I’m also on the same ISP as him (UPC Ireland). I’ve attached two log files. In both cases I start the launcher (in debug mode), fail the first login and succeed the second (as always), go to Library, click the button to install the engine and immediately get the error message listed at the top of this thread. Try once or twice more to download the engine with the same result, and then just close the program.

It’s obviously a frustrating issue and prevents me from using the Unreal engine.

Hi Mosel3y and Sofox,

This is definitely beginning to sound like an issue with your ISP (UPC Ireland), we’ll see if there’s anything we can do on our end to open a dialog with them to get to the crux of the issue.

We’re glad to hear that using a VPN is a viable workaround to the issue, however I’m not sure it would be professional for us to publicly give out steps to circumvent your ISPs safeguards in this way :confused: it’s a grey area… however, Mosel3y, you could possibly IM or pastebin Sofox instructions on how to do that, if you were so inclined :slight_smile:



Thank you very much for looking into this. It is frustrating.

Hey Sofox,

Would it be possible to get some debug logs from you please too, details can be found here:



Hey Andrew,

I posted some logs in this thread before, to give you a direct link to them: (2.3 MB)

If you have any other questions, or want more logs, let me know,

Thank you,

I’m also having this exact problem, same ISP. I don’t have network problems with any other applications or games.

Does your first login attempt always fail after a moment, and your second login attempt always immediately succeed? Mosel3y and I experienced that, don’t know if it’s anything to do with it.

NathanAlard, Sofox and blahusername, just so we can rule out everything, could you run the same tests as Mosel3y performed above, found here:

and let us know how you get on, especially wrt to proxy test, thanks.

Additionally, if you could try this link in your browser:

and paste when info you recieve, if any.

Also, if you have access to a different router, it would be great to rule that out as well, we’re not sure if you’re all using the same router or not, but if you have access to another router please give that a try too, there could be firewall settings on the router itself.

Could you also try your PC on a different ISP network (mobile tethering, anything to a different ISP really) and let us know if that makes any difference too.

Mosel3y, has reported that using a VPN works for him, so if you know how to and could try that too, that will help also, thanks.

Mosel3y, NathanAlard, Sofox, and blahusername, would you all try to access this link (non VPNd)

and paste what information you get, many thanks.



Hey Andrew,

Just trying the Launcher right now, it crashes on the first login attempt (rather than simply failing), I uninstalled the program and reinstalled the latest version (2.3.0), but it’s still crashing.

I’ve attached files for the text output of the two links you sent me, as for the other steps, it’s going to take more time to investigate.


Oh dear, Do you have a verbose crash log we could take a look at please?



Sorry for the delay, here is what I get when clicking that link:

Also, I am having the same problem as Sofox now: Launcher crashes when trying to log in, but works fine in offline mode

If you or Sofox could provide us with logs, that’d be great, thanks.


Hey, attached is two attempts to log in using the launcher, along with the crash folders generated. Thanks!

Thanks Sofox,

We’re really sorry to hear that your problem has got worse with the most recent build. Your logs are at great help in aiding us track down the problem tho. Please bare with us for now while we continue to investigate, thanks.


Hi Mosel3y, NathanAlard, Sofox, and blahusername,

We’ve released a new version of the Launcher:

…and we think we’re close to identifing the problem you are having. What it doesn’t mention in the changenotes is that we’ve fixed the crash you were experiencing on login too, we think what will happen now is that you’ll be presented with an error dialog which should tell us why you were unable to login, but if you attempt to login again (after the errors appeared) the Launcher will go into a “Please Wait” state indefinitely, so it will still leave you unable to use the Launcher with your default ISPs, unfortunately.

We do have a fix for the “Please Wait” blocker currently going through our QA for testing, so will hopefully make the next build we do.

What would help us in the mean time is if as many of you as possible could screenshot the login error dialog you get with the latest build, then when you dismiss it if you could try to login again and let us know if you get the “Please Wait” blocker (that’ll confirm to us that we’re on the right track with this), then when you close the Launcher if you could provide us with your log files. We still believe that this may be a problem with your ISPs possibly blacklisting the URL needed to login, but the error recieved/logs will help us either confirm or try to replicate the issue on our end.

TL;DR Get latest, screenshot error, try 2nd login, provide logs



Here’s the first error message I get, and you’re right, then it gets stuck on Please Wait indefinitely.

Here’s some logs, the last two logs I definitely waited until the Please Wait hang, the others I may have quit the launcher before then.

Great, thanks Sofox,

I’ve forwarded the logs on to our online team too see if they can deduce more information from them. In the mean time, the only way we’ve been able to reproduce the issue so far is to blacklist one of our URLs used during the login process.

We still think that perhaps the ISPs (UPC Ireland and Telkom South Africa) are blocking them, or not routing them correctly. It may be worth opening a support ticket with them directly too.