Can't Download Any 4. Engines. Says i need subscribe

When i open the launcher i can see 4.4.0 in the Library section but the only option is Subscribe instead of Install. I have redeemd my code and when i try re-redeem it says: “Sorry, that code has already been redeemed.”
Where i can see my account status? Is there some kind of time lag in the confirming the code or is the problem with launcher? Launcher allows me to download demos etc.

This is my first attempt to use UE4.
Launcher 1.8.0-2311636+++depot+UE4-LauncherRealeases
I dont have “C:\Users\USER.NAME\AppData\Local\UnrealEngineLauncher\Saved\Logs”-folders.

Hi persnetto,

Sorry to hear that you are having issues with your account. You can view your account information here:

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For further support with this issue, please contact our accounts department at: