Cant Destroy Physics Constraint Component

If you drag out of a actor node it will have the right context. If you simply rightclick anywhere it defaults to self Context. It works correct in that regard no need to turn it off.

Alright,so let me get this straight. You cant simply just Destroy a Physics Constraint Component if you use an Add Physics Constraint Component?

I’m asking because i’m getting tossed this error after i fire a Linetrace from my camera,and on whatever it hits it tries to find a Physics Constraint Component on the actor THEN it will Break it and THEN Destroy it.

LogActorComponent:Error: May not destroy component PhysicsConstraintComponent /Game/FirstPersonBP/Maps/UEDPIE_0_FirstPersonExampleMap.FirstPersonExampleMap:PersistentLevel.Oildrum_Blueprint_2.NODE_AddPhysicsConstraintComponent-1_0 owned by Oildrum_Blueprint_C /Game/FirstPersonBP/Maps/UEDPIE_0_FirstPersonExampleMap.FirstPersonExampleMap:PersistentLevel.Oildru m_Blueprint_2


I’m trying to create Physics Constraint Components at runtime. IT WORKS. But the PROBLEM is that it only allows me to Break the Physics Constraint Component ONCE. Why? Because i cant simply Re-add the Physics Constraint Component because by that point it will add a SECOND one. Since i CANT destroy the first one.

Anyone got any advice?

I am currently experiencing the exact same issue. Break only works once, destroy wont work on constraint component - help is very much appreciated!

Avoid typing in Caps thank you =)

To solve the Problem its simple. Only the Owner of that Component can Destroy the Component. And like the Log tells you the Owner is Oildrum_Blueprint. He has to make the Destroy Call.

You can use the Actor refference you get from your linetrace for that → drag out a wire and type Destroy Component this will give you a Node with a extra Pin that is automaticly hooked to your Actor. Use the other one to plugin the Component you want to Destroy.

Important: Context Sensitive must be disabled in order to find the Destroy Component Function with both pins.

Sorry, but thats not right. The Context Sensitive “Destroy Component (Capsule)” function doesn´t have a reference to the actor and doesn´t work. Instead using the “Destroy Component” function (second image) pulls out a function with reference to the actor and the component, which does work.

Ah you are right sorry my Bad. Been a while since I done BPs could swear the Context sensitive would pick that up. Gotta spend less time in C++ once in a while xD