Can't Destroy actors in "Run on Owning Client"

hey guys.
i’m in trouble with destroy actors in “Run on Owning Client”

Before i’ve solved spawn/destroy rpc in Multicast but Owning client is more complicated to me.

In Multicast, I used to set destroy logics in my Controller, spawn logics in Character.
It works :slight_smile:

Also I know Spawn/Destroy just can be activate on the Server ( I don’t need to set on Client)
because it works well only on the server!

In my case,
I set the spawn nodes(Owning client] in Controller, destroy(Owning client) nodes in Controller too.
but it doesn’t works…

Any Advise?

I want to spawn/destroy actors only the client.
Not Multicast …

Many RPG games are using this logics in Quest item drop/use or something.

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Try setting the “Replicates” setting off before destroying the actor. Not really the best way to do it but might work. Idk, its 6 AM why am I in the forums. :sweat_smile:

Check these out:


i’ve solved it. Just not to set “Owning Client” Logic in controller and don’t use “Owning Client” in this case. I used custom event :slight_smile: This issue is to Player_Controller always replicates to server maybe… so I just set own logics where i supposed to set. Your hint setting off “Replicates” is helpful.


Glad you got it to work.

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