Can't debug UE4 "Unrecognized error occured in the Windows Web Services framework"

UE4 Win64

VS2013 Pop Dialog : “Unrecognized error occured in the Windows Web Services framework”

OS:Win7 + sp1

Like this :

But I don’t want reinstall windows

Some people experience this problem?


I just updated to engine 4.7. It compiled fine but now I’m hitting the same error as you. Did you figure it out? What was the solution?

Thanks in advance

Just to follow up, in case anyone else runs into this issue, in my case it turned out I had my local workstation firewall rules ratcheted down just a little bit too lightly. DEVENV.EXE needs local port 3702 opened.

Just in case anyone come up with this problem. I solved it by turning off my proxy software and closing some windows firewall rule related to Unreal. debuging is fine now.