Can't debug engine code in packaged game. Engine Installed, not source code version

Hi there,

So this is the thing. With the combination Engine Installed Version (with PDB’s downloaded) + Packaged Game (Development or Debug) I’am not able to set a breakpoint inside AActor::Tick, for example.
Like I said before, I’ve tried to make a development packaged game having the flag set to true on project settings (include pdb files). Tried the same with a DebugGame. But with any of this combinations can’t set a proper breakpoint on any Source File.
I’ve always worked with a source version of the engine and it always worked, but in my new studio didn’t use it. So this is the question.

Can I debug a packaged game using the installed version of the engine?

p.d.: I think this issue is in any version of the engine, but I’m currently working with 4.18.