Can't customize Interface Method

I have an interface called I_Pickup and I use it on items that I want to be able to pick up in my hands in my game.
To make things easier, I’ve given this interface two signatures, called “SetPhysicsState()” and “SetCollisionState()”. They both take a boolean as argument. Their function is just to set whether the blueprint simulate physics or not and whether the blueprint collides or not respectively.

But I can’t specify how the method should work when I open any of the blueprints that implements this interface:

For example if you look at this Soda Can I have it implements another interface called I_ItemInfo which tells a few things about that item that I can use and because those functions have outputs I got to actually define what they do in the blueprint that implements the interface:

What am I missing?
I want to make it so that the methods are called on the model on the blueprint so I won’t have to do any type of casting when I find the object through Line Traces.

As the description of interfaces says, they are name only, no implementation. You put the actual implementation in your blueprint that is using the interface. (Double click it, or right click “Open Graph”). You do that for all users.

So if you want all of them all to do the same thing, you could use a function library, and put the function inside the interface.

edit: Sorry, misunderstood your question, I’m not sure if it’s a bug or not, but if you add a output in the interface, and then remove it, it will still have a return node, and you can edit it like normal
Alternatively, if you don’t have a return node, you can still right click in your event graph and find your interface as an event, you can then put whatever function you’d like to call there.

Right, so it sounds like this may be a bug.