Can't create Wiki Pages anymore

The new Wiki on doesn’t give a user any ability to create a new page. Searching for something simply brings up the regular documentation search, so it’s not possible to actually create a page anymore.

I wanna add le tutorials :smiley:

For now you have to do it like that :wink:

There are three standard ways to create a page on Mediawiki:

  • Create a link to the page you want to create and then click the link
  • Type in the URL to the page you want to create
  • Search for the page you want to create

We removed the wiki-only search box to avoid confusion with the new unified header search, so you are currently left with just the first two options. We plan to improve the workflow in the future by simply adding a button to create a page. This seems better than the awkward ‘search for the page’ workflow anyway.

For more info on creating wiki pages, see the official Mediawiki page over it:

That would definitely be useful, both are pretty cumbersome :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t seem to upload any images at the moment either.

Can’t figure out where the button is (in the Navigation drop down menu) or can’t upload them?

You can edit your username’s Talk page to create pages and to upload files and other stuff. Just Edit yout talk page and write stuff there. You can use your Talk page as a scratch pad to test out any wikitext feature you wanna learn/test out.

Image (Help:Images - MediaWiki):

[image:justsomemadeupfilename.jpg|This is an example how an alien invader navigates using the Awesome3DNavMeshComponent]]

That an |, the char above the backslash on US-International keyboards, no idea how thats named. Pipechar? :smiley: You can upload the image after you save the page.

New Page (


My bad, found the button haha.