Cant create static meshes move

I just want to my mesh move all time in one direction
You can see my try from this tutorial:
Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Simple Random Mesh Movement - YouTube
and this
How do you make static meshes move - Blueprint - Unreal Engine Forums
And now i realy dont know what I need to do
Any help.

So your actor doesn’t move? The Screenshots is what you already tried?

I am attached screenshots

Just to be sure… Is your actor set as “movable” ?

I already checked this, but still not working

So your Pillar_50x100 will not move once placed in the world when you either simulate or play?

In order to avoid tempering with physics, you should use add force to move your mesh. Avoid using SetLocation. Your mesh should be added to an actor, and then you move your whole actor by adding force to the mesh
Edit: you can also try to set gravity to 0, and then position the object a bit over the ground so it floats. Adding any force at that moment should move it. Maybe your object is not moving because of friction between the object and the ground.

Yes but WE still don’t know your problem. The actor does Not move after placing Them in a Level and Hit Play? Are you getting any Errors or Output in your Log console?

Thanks, interesting thoughts, I will try to deal with physics and force

My mistake was that I don’t added mesh to an actor