Can't create Physic asset since 4.20 because bones are too small

Hello everybody !
I have an ant model made and rigged with 3Dsmax.
In 4.18 and 4.19, it works flawlessly, I can import it, every thing…
Since I went to 4.20, I remove the physic asset i had from previews version and try to remake it from scratch but now, I just can’t create the physic asset for this skeleton…
I’ve got the “bones are too small” message and UE4 says that I had to create the physic asset manually.

I read every question on the same subject on the answer hub but my ant model is 2 meters high.
I have 2 bones in the hierarchy that are à the same location… I had a third bone and them to the new one too to make like they are distant from each other…

But nope… I can’t create the physic asset in 4.20.
And I didn’t find a way to make a physic asset “manually”…

I found a way to continue my work by importing my FBX in a 4.19 project and migrate the Physic asset… But it’s annoying :slight_smile:


OK ^^
It happens that I had a lot of other problems with this skeleton in PHat…
I think that I scaled some bones somewhere in the process of rigging the ant and even if UE4 generally deals with scaled bones normally, it doesn’t in PHaT :slight_smile:

I remade the skeleton (it a very simple skeleton ^^) with no bone scaling at all and now, everything works fine !

BTW ! I didn’t need the inter bone to separate the 2 bones with the same location for there respective pivot…