Can't create morph targets for skeletal mesh bones

Hello I don’t see a way to create morph targets for skeletal mesh bones(hands, legs, etc)
I can’t even use Set Bone Scale by name to change bones size in-game because it only works for poseable meshes. Why is that?
Please help how to create morph target or other ways to scale bones in-game

Morph target are created inside a 3D program such as blender or 3ds max, then imported in the engine (there is a trick to import though)

Can you please share how to import them correctly? My character might already have ones (mixamo)

I have a character with morph targets. But on import there are no Import Morph Targets option at all. I see the option exists but just not to me…t-working.html

That’s why I said there is a trick, I wasn’t able to get it imported whith the fbx even with “import morph target” enabled.
But I opened the skeletal mesh and in the details under tab “import settings” -->“Mesh” I checked “import morph target” then reimported the mesh and it worked

I had the same problem.
Are you using 3dsmax? Try to put the “Morpher” modifier after (above) the “Skin” modifier.