Cant create Collision?

From Blender i import my Meshes, this works well so far.

Now i want to use Collision. This isnt working at all.

I searched and found this:…lex/index.html
BUT… i dont have any “StaticMeshSettings”… ?? where should this be? if i click on the Object to open up the preview scene, in the details panel i dont have any option for a static Mesh! So i cant change or use any “Collision Complexity”…??

Also i tried to UCX export… the objects name “Stairs” and the collision model called “UCX_Stairs”. is also tried “UCX_Stairs_01”

when i watch tutorials all ppl get a blue lined Collision model shown. if i click on the “Collision Button” it just wants to give me the standard options: “simple collision” & “complex collision”.
i dont get it…

whats the problem here??
do i need to uv unwrap?
do i need any addon?

Can you see the collision in the static mesh editor?

hello ocean,

Yes, i can see the Collision Option in the editor. And as i mentioned the 2 Options: “simple collision” & “complex collision”. These show me green lines of the collision object it generates.

But… theres no blue line…