Can't create C++ project


I know there is much about it, but all night googling brought nothing… I installed yesterday UE for the first time and wanted to start new C++ project, but creating new project end up in compile error (see image).

The most answers was about make sure, that I have installed in Visual Studio:

  • Desktop development with .NET
  • Desktop development with C++
  • Game development with C++

And windows 8.1 SDK, sometimes unreal engine installer inside VS. All of this I make sure that is installed with my visual studio, tried even to reinstall VS, but I’m still stuck on this compile error. Also I look in documentation, but there was too nothing new…

Though I can read more from mentioned log file in error, but I couldn’t locate it… Seems like there is error because of file SharedPCH.Engine.h.pch, which was not found.

What are another options to make C++ project working with UE?