Can't create blueprint project


When I try to create new blueprint project it’s appears.How can i fix this error

Maybe the editor did not downloaded correctly?

Try also downloading unreal 4.27 see if that one works.

How can i check that the editor downloaded correctly? (BTW I’am using github source build )
I’m using 5.0.2 IMO 4.27 will not do my work

Hi @lil_zkyra,

If you are using the github build you would need to redownload/recompile. It is recommended to use the Epic Games launcher, especially since 5.0.3 is already released with important bug fixes.


And even though you are not going to use it, downloading 4.27 to see if you run into the same problem is a great way to test if there is something wrong with your installs in general.

i don’t know about this github stuff man. Just download the epic launcher and download the engine like the rest of us.

the github stuff is for advanced people trying to rebuild the engine locally because they have edited the engine source code or something.

if you are trying to learn unreal maybe start from the beginning don’t go to the crazy rebuilding engines stuff area.