Can't create an array of objects

TArray<AParticipant*> participants;

Hi Guys! I’m trying to create an array of objects but I don’t know what is wrong, can you help me?

It’s an array composed of Actors. I have this class “Participant”, it’s an actor and when I create this, i got errors:

     UPROPERTY(BluprintReadOnly, EditAnywhere, Category = "Points")

              TArray<AParticipant> participants;

Can you guys help me?

Still says that AParticipant identifier is not defined.

Thanks so much! :smiley:

If you include AParticipant in cpp, then in .h file before your class add class AParticipant:

class AParticipant;

class PRO_API AMyActor : public AActor

    TArray<AParticipant*> participants;

Or just:

TArray<class AParticipant*> participants;

Well you have to #include the .h file of course.