Can't create a Tutorial Variable

Hello, while following a tutorial on Blueprint Animation located here tutorial HERE everything was going smooth. I got up to the page I linked to, there is a variable in that step I cannot figure out how to create, in step 5. I cannot create these:

I have even purchased a similar marketplace project that uses the same string of variables fro mthe same node, I cannot even recreate them on that project either, so I know it isn’t an error in the hierarchy. I’m stuck, any ideas, TIA.

click on the “as my character c” blue circle, drag off it, and start typing “get”, any public variables should be listed

Was unable to get PronePressed, etc, to come up. Figured it out, booleans in other blueprint have to be marked as “Editable” in the properties so I could call them from another blueprint. I’d suggest updating that tutorial so it will save a newb such as my self the headache and time haha. Thanks.

yea you have to click the eye to make them public, it was a recent change and I believe I heard it will be reverted. Pretty sure all vars, atleast in 4.6, have to be public to be casted

Thanks Zurael, much appreciated.