Cant craft item in a new crafting structure

When i choose the item, it’s doesnt change to craft item from repair item, and i cant craft it even if i have the requirements… someone know whats the problem?
it’s a crafting structure that i made, not fabricator/smithy and such…

Do you have crafting enabled in the new structure’s inventory? Which inventory file did you copy/child for your mod?

yes it’s enable, from the smithy file…

Craft button is missing or greyed out when crafting is enabled but you don’t have the structure turned on.

What was the BASE structuer BP you copied? You obviously want to be mysterious and secretive, or you wouldn’t of covered up your engrams, but if you want help we need information.

edit - Also both the item and the inventory need to be told about each other, just because an item appears in an inventory doesn’t mean it will craft, and just because an item is told to craft in an inventory doesn’t mean it will appear.

I had this EXACT thing happen last week on an item, could not for the life of me figure out what was different about this item compared to MANY others that I had crafted… want to know the answer? Go and remove the “Crafting requires inventory component” as I bet you put your structure there. That is what did it for me to be able to build and not just repair there. Of course I’m assuming you have the item listed in the structure default engrams already since that is all you need for it to show up in game in the new structure.

Good luck

Come back to that problem in another mod later, and what you said is working but now it doesnt show where to craft the item in the enegram list, know how to make it work?

Does it absolutely have to say where it is crafted on the engram for some particular reason? Does it really matter if says where to craft?
If it is a default item you’re S.O.L without making a bunch of child items and remapping as far as I know but if it’s your own new item, just add your inventory to “Crafting requires inventory component”