Can't Cook Soundwave Using Start/Stop Recording Output Functions in 4.24

I have been unable to get the reference to the soundwave when using the start/stop recording output functions in the latest version of Unreal (4.24). I get a warning saying unable to cook soundwave. A soundwave uasset gets created, but when I play it, there is no audio.

Below is an example of the my blueprint script:

Here is a snippet of my console displaying the logs where the soundwave was unable to cook:

Here is proof that the wave file gets generated:

Is there a step I am missing? If anyone could assist, I would greatly appreciate it.


  • EJ

I am having the same problem! When I try to load this file into a Metasound…I also get an error and nothing plays. Did you ever resolve this issue?

LogAudioDerivedData: Warning: LPCM data failed to load for sound SoundWave /Game/Audio/RecordedSoundWaves/test.test
LogAudioDerivedData: Warning: Can’t cook SoundWave /Game/Audio/RecordedSoundWaves/test.test because there is no source LPCM data
LogAudio: Display: Failed to retrieve compressed data for format BINKA and soundwave /Game/Audio/RecordedSoundWaves/test.test.
LogAudio: Display: Failed to build BINKA derived data for /Game/Audio/RecordedSoundWaves/test.test
LogAudioDerivedData: Display: No streamed audio chunks found!
LogBlueprintUserMessages: [BP_MetaSoundBPCom_Test_C_3] Add
LogMetaSound: Warning: Failed to seek decoder input during initialization: (format:BINKA) for wave (package:/Game/Audio/RecordedSoundWaves/test) to time ‘0.000000’
LogMetaSound: Error: Failed to find codec (format:BINKA) for wave (package:/Game/Audio/RecordedSoundWaves/test)