Cant convert level to world partition

When I try to use tools>convert level and hit ok, after “conversion” I got thousands of errors and a untitled blank map. The “WP_” map is not generated and I cant know why conversion is failing…

Ok I founded the issue. One static mesh was “partially loaded” I just deleted that and voila!

partially loaded, what is that ?
Also , what is this error about ?

[2022.07.07-18.33.51:925][ 0]PIE: Warning: AttachTo: ‘/Game/Map/Esse_tall/Esse_tall_X0_Y4.Esse_tall_X0_Y4:PersistentLevel.FbxScene_Humming_StarShip_C_0.DefaultSceneRoot’ is not static (in blueprint “FbxScene_Humming_StarShip”), cannot attach ‘/Game/Map/Esse_tall/Esse_tall_X0_Y4.Esse_tall_X0_Y4:PersistentLevel.FbxScene_Humming_StarShip_C_0.Sphere2_1BEE057F’ which is static to it. Aborting.


Well, looks like you have an actor set to static, but with another actor attached to it set to movable, search for this Sphere2 and delete or unatach or change to movable…

Hi there - I’m fairly new to UE and have the same issue… I’ve spent all night trying to figure out why my convert level is converted to ‘Untitled’ and then the newly converted level says that world partitioner is not set up in the world partition editor.

I’ve got many assets in my map. What’s the quickest way to search for what assets are partially loaded? Do I need to click 1x1? Are blueprint actors a possibility? Thank you!

Hi. Did you find any solutions for that? I have the same issue too. :sob: