Can't control 2 pawn at the same time

Hi, i want to control 2 pawn at the same time but i can’t get the second one to work.

I made two characters, and 2 player controller, the second character and playercontroller spawn correctly but it doesnt move no matter what i do.

My intention was to make a character, and a platform that i could control with the character. I managed to do it with the actor class and addactorlocaloffset, but then it has no collision so its ot good

I’m very new to UE4 so i may have missed something. thank you

anyway, i figured out, i just ditched what was said in the other thread and just did a get all actor of class and used the result as the target in the add movement input (only defaultpawn and characters can move like that natively. I think i already did that but it works now so whatever