Cant connect to source control


I havent found any other issue like this online.

I have 2 windows logins
I am able to connect to our perforce server fine on one of them but I am unable to on the other as the workspace never shows up in the dropdown.
This is the same project with the same login details and workspace.
Both users have full admin privilege’s on this PC

How can I connect to our server on the same project with different windows logins?

Is perforce installed “for all users”?

Hey yeah
p4v is installed for both users
I should also clarify that on the p4v app I am able to login just fine, it is just with UE5/4 that this issue comes up.

it appears redownloading p4v has fixed the issue.
One thing to note though was in ue5/4 it still showed up as no workspace found but manually typing in my workspace into the field above the dropdown box allowed it to connect fine…